Cashmere lined

Cashmere lined

Gloves with cashmere lined are the perfect accessory the ones who like to pamper themselves from the cold with style and charm, preferring the high quality of a fine fabric and the comfort of 100% Made in Italy manufacture.

Cashmere is an extremely precious, warm and soft, delicate, almost silky fabric.

The gloves with cashmere lining are suitable for any occasion, they match well according to the chosen look and above all they are very comfortable, practical and warm. The hands are in fact pampered by the softness of this fantastic fabric which has the particular characteristic of being insulated and that is why it is perfect for protecting yourself from low temperatures without sacrificing style, completing your perfect outfit.

The breeding of cashmere goats usually takes place in Cina, Mongolia but the process of obtaining the best wool fabric of Cashmere are made by Italian manufactures getting a very smooth, and warm material, which Gala Gloves uses for its gloves.

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