It all started at the beginning of 1930 with brother and sister Anna and Raffaele Muscariello. Anna learned to sew gloves and her brother learned to cut the glove leathers. After years spent learning to perfect their hand-craft techniques and spurned by their understanding and familiarity with the product, the siblings decided to open an artisanal workshop of their own in the heart of the historic centre of Naples.
Following in their footsteps from the age of 16 came Gaetano Pellone, the second of Anna’s seven children.

In 1964, having learned the secrets of the traditional Neapolitan glove-making art, Gaetano decided to open an artisanal glove-making business under his very own name, Gaetano Pellone. It was precisely during this period that, thanks to the quality of the raw materials, and an unfaltering attention to detail, the Pellone leather glove collections began to adorn the shelves of the best specialist glove shops in Italy’s largest cities.

In 1991, emboldened by the family tradition and excellent workmanship of Pellone products, the Gala Gloves brand was created, an acronym of Gaetano, Lorenzo and Antonietta (Gaetano’s eldest son and wife),managed by Gaetano’s younger son, Alessandro Pellone. Ever since then, and up to this day, Alessandro strives to ensure that the quality and elegance of the gloves once made by Gaetano Pellone, is taken beyond national borders, to become renowned and appreciated throughout Europe and around the world. With his commitment and dedication, Alessandro brings his “Made in Naples” collections to Milan, Paris, London, and Tokyo, where companies and buyers understand and appreciate the quality of the gloves.

Gala Gloves srl was created in 2007, and Alessandro has become the sole Director. Even today the Pellone family work hard day after day to maintain the quality standards to which their clients have become accustomed over many years, safeguarding quality and tradition as the fundamental standard, and never forgetting research and attention towards current trends and fashions, thus carrying forward the vision of “contemporary tradition” which is so dear to Alessandro.

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