Gala Gloves - Napoli 1930

Men’s gloves collection

Precision detailing and quality materials, the Gala Gloves branded collection capture men’s taste for both the classicand the latest fashion tendencies.Whilst the expert workmanship of the master leather cutters and seamstresses make a product which is made BYHAND following the Neapolitan glove making tradition, styling is still contemporary thanks to the use of the mostmodern glove development techniques such as laser cutting and touch sensitive technology thus becoming anessential accessory for the total look of the modern man.

Women's gloves collection

Heart, passion, experience and creativity are the components that Gala Gloves craftsmen and women use to give lifeto a pair of gloves which defines the essence and nature of the Gala Gloves brand.Elegant and practical, sofisticated and fun, in long or short lengths, the Gala Gloves brand is iconic throughout theworld for those who love a style which is powerfully avant-guarde.Every collection is made with the finest leathers in fashionable colours, for a ladies collection which is unique andunparalelled.

What we do


Every customer: a different story, because not every person is the same as another.
Individuality is precisely what we understand.Over time, we have kept the most precious elements of pure Made in Italy intact: quality, passion for detail, a workmanship which is rigorously hand-crafted byperfectly combining the production techniques from long ago, such as the capacity tomake a completely made-to- measure pair of gloves, and the evolvement of researchand design. These special features are what attract the sophisticated andknowledgeable clientele to the latest fashion developments; the type of customer whoonly choose the best for themselves.

The process of making the hand-crafted glove follows a very precise procedure: themeasuring of the hand, the selection of shape and leathers, the unique details. Everyaspect of the glove can easily be changed by the customer. From the shaping to thecolour selection. The best creations may take up to a month but the wait for theperfect product only heightens the pleasure of having it.The result is a glove like no other, because it is the fruit of genius and human labour;a personalisation in its smallest detail. Only by wearing it can this be understood;this is the height of pleasure.

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